Thursday, August 23, 2012

When I grow up..

The original point of making this blog (besides to curb my boredom) is to document my ventures through graduate school and into the real world. With that being said, I guess I should explain where exactly I am currently in my life. Obviously the shortened version, for fear of you falling asleep.

-I graduated last year from Montclair State University with a Bachelors in Health Education.
-I spent the last year working at Salem Community College doing work with the student success office.
-In the beginning of the summer, I also took a position at Victory House, which is a residential treatment center for troubled girls. I plan to continue at Victory House while I am in grad school.
-I am attending University of Delaware for a Masters of Health Promotion.
-I also accepted an assistantship. The assistantship will be for my department (Behavioral Health & Nutrition) and I will be able to work with some great initiatives while doing my assistantship. In return for the assistantship, I am able to received a full tuition reimbursement, a stipend for living expenses, and of course excellent experience in my field.
-My ultimate goal is to work in a college setting promoting health promotion on campus, but I am keeping my options open for the time being.

Okay boring life story: over!

..More later..

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